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A4 folding to A5 Seed And Blossom Greetings Card Blank




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Although we are now advised to hide away from the world, It is still possible to let people know you are thinking and caring about them. 

So while away the boredom, pull yourself away from Netflix and get creative and crafty with these beautiful Pre Scored greetings card blanks.

Pressed within the handmade card are lovely seeds and blossom petals giving this card a unique effect and tactile finish.

This card however has been machine dried which involves a high heat, so the seeds may not germinate should you plant the card at a later date. There maybe a few seeds within the card that laugh in the face of heat treatment and could possibly germinate. Either way this card will naturally biodegrade should you decide to pop it in the ground when it has served its purpose.

Card can be decorated however your imagination allows. This is suitable for printing on, painting and decoupage.

Card size is an A4 card that then folds to an A5 greetings card and comes with an Eco friendly C5 Brown Kraft Envelope.

Card is 240gsm and come in a variety of quantities.

Sizes are.. 

297mm x 210mm open
210mm x 148mm closed
Envelope size is C5 229mm x 162mm

Cards are supplied in plastic free packaging.