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A4 folding to A5 Plantable Card Blank




Quantity: 1 Card

These amazing plantable seeded A4 folding to A5 Pre Scored greetings card blanks are perfect as a hand made card and a gift all in one!

Embedded Within the card are wildflower and grass seeds so when the recipient has finished looking at your card in wonder they can simply plant the card and watch it grow!

Card can be decorated however your imagination allows. This is suitable for printing on, but only by using an inkjet printer. Laser or digital printers use heat to fuse the toner and this heat will kill the seeds! 

The best results we have found here at Monkey HQ for planting this card is to soak the card over night and then simply plant as you would any seed in some compost and leave in a warm place and keep moist.

Available in several different quantities.

Card size is an A4 card that then folds to an A5 greetings card and comes with an Eco friendly C5 Brown Kraft Envelope.

Card weight is a sturdy 280gsm.

Sizes are.. 

297mm x 210mm open
210mm x 148mm closed
Envelope size is C5 229mm x 162mm

Cards are supplied in plastic free packaging.