50 Seeded Plantable Card strips / offcuts


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We don't like waste here and we cannot bring ourselves to throw this card away. After we have produced many of of seeded products we are left with strips of card which we are pretty stumped as to what to do with them. So we have decided to make up packs of 50 strips of this card all in various sizes. What you can create from them is all up to you and your creative minds. Each pack has a mixture of different sized strips.

Sizes range from approx 150mm up to 300mm in length and from 20mm up to 40mm width.

The best results we have found here at Monkey HQ for planting, is to soak the card for a few hours before planting into a pot of compost and keep warm and moist.

Not only is the postage free, but it is also plastic free too!