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148mm Square Pre Scored Plantable Greetings Card Blank With Envelopes



These amazing plantable seeded 148mm Square Pre Scored greetings card blanks are perfect as a hand made card and a gift all in one!

Within the card are wildflower seeds so when the recipient has finished looking at your card in wonder they can simply plant the card and watch it grow!

Card can be decorated however your imagination allows. This is suitable for printing on, but only by using an inkjet printer. Laser or digital printers use heat to fuse the toner and this heat will kill the seeds! 

Planting instructions are sent with every order.

Card size is 148mm square when folded and comes with Eco friendly 155mm x 155mm square Brown Kraft Envelopes.

Card is a White 250gsm

As this is a seed mixture flowers in each card may vary, examples of the flowers included are:

Achillea millefolium, Centaurea Cyanus (Cornflower), Cheiranthus allionii (Siberian Wallflower), Chrysanthemum coronarium, Chrysanthemum maximum, Cosmos bipinnatus (Wild cosmos) to name just a few. A full seed list is provided with every order.

Available in several different quantities .

Card sizes are.. 

148mm x 296mm open
148mm x 148mm closed
Envelope size is 155mm x 155mm

Cards are supplied in plastic free packaging.

All prices are inclusive of VAT and delivery.

It is difficult to show accurate colours or the quality and finish and weight of our paper and card on a computer screen. If you are unsure of its suitability for your purposes we always suggest you place a small order first or order a sample card to try before placing a large order.

Cards are suitable for home printing, please always check your individual printer specifications prior to attempting to print, as we cannot guarantee all printers will accommodate thicker paper/card.

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