What is a silk finish on paper?

12 Jul 2023
What is a silk finish on paper?

A silk finish on paper refers to a type of paper coating or texture that has a smooth and slightly glossy appearance. It is achieved by applying a thin layer of coating, often containing clay or other additives, to the surface of the paper. This coating gives the paper a satin-like sheen and enhances the colour vibrancy and image clarity.
Here at Mankey Monkey Silk finish papers are commonly used in various print applications, such as brochures, catalogues, magazines, and high-quality advertisements. The smoothness of the surface allows for sharp and detailed printing, while the slight gloss adds a touch of sophistication to the final product. 
The silk-coated finish provides a good compromise between a matte and glossy appearance. It enhances colour reproduction, sharpness, and detail while offering some resistance to fingerprints and smudges giving it a luxurious and professional look.

Written by Harriet, one of our team experts here at Mankey Monkey.