Choosing the Right Printer for DIY Greeting Cards

17 Apr 2024
Choosing the Right Printer for DIY Greeting Cards

Before you select the perfect blank greeting cards and determined the appropriate GSM for your card making projects, make sure you have a printer capable of bringing your designs to life. Many standard printers accomodate A4 copier paper just fine, but getting them to print on cardstock can be problematic.

Things to consider when choosing the right printer for DIY greeting cards.

Inkjet vs. Laser

Inkjet Printers:
Inkjet printers are versatile and suitable for printing vibrant colors and detailed graphics on a variety of paper types, including cardstock. They're a popular choice for DIY enthusiasts due to their affordability and high-quality output.

Laser Printers:
Laser printers excel at producing crisp, professional-looking text and graphics, making them ideal for text-heavy designs or black-and-white illustrations. While some, expensive laser printers can handle cardstock, they may not offer the same level of color vibrancy as inkjet printers. Also where laserjet printers use heat to fuse the toner to the the media, cardstock can tend to curl with the heat and amount of rollers it has to pass through when being printed on.

Paper Handling Capability

Consider the printer's paper handling capability, including whether it has a manual feed option for thicker paper types like cardstock. Look for printers with adjustable paper trays or bypass trays that can accommodate various paper sizes and thicknesses.

If you want to create greeting cards with designs that extend all the way to the edges without any white borders, you'll need a printer with borderless printing capability. Look for printers that specifically advertise borderless printing in their features, even with bordlerless printing, many printers still don't offer it when printing A5 so make sure you check this too.

Want to go bigger than A4?

Choosing an A3+ printers allows you to create oversized greeting cards or print multiple cards on a single sheet. This capability is especially useful if you want to make a bold statement with your designs or create unique, large-format cards.

Print Quality

Pay attention to the printer's resolution and color accuracy to ensure that your designs are reproduced with precision and clarity. Look for printers with high-resolution printing capabilities for crisp, detailed output.

Other considerations to help you choose the Right Printer for your DIY Greeting Cards Projects

Compatibility with Specialty Inks:
If you plan to use specialty inks such as metallic or archival inks in your designs, make sure the printer is compatible with these ink types. Some printers may require specific ink cartridges or additional accessories to accommodate specialty inks.

Cost of Consumables:
Consider the long-term cost of ink or toner cartridges and other consumables when choosing a printer. Look for printers with affordable replacement cartridges or refillable ink systems to minimize ongoing expenses.

Size and Portability:
Depending on your workspace and printing needs, consider the size and portability of the printer. Compact, lightweight printers are ideal for small spaces or crafting on the go, while larger printers may offer additional features and printing capabilities.

For vibrant, full-color designs on a variety of paper types, consider an inkjet printer with high-resolution printing capabilities. If you prioritise text clarity and monochrome designs, a laser printer may be a suitable option, especially for text-heavy greeting cards. Look for printers with manual feed options or adjustable paper trays to accommodate thicker paper types like cardstock.

Consider your budget and ongoing printing needs when comparing printers, including the cost of consumables and additional features.

Choosing the right printer is essential for bringing your DIY greeting card designs to life with precision and clarity. Whether you opt for an inkjet printer for vibrant colors or a laser printer for crisp text, selecting a printer that meets your printing needs and budget will ensure that your DIY greeting cards are crafted to perfection. Happy printing!

Two inkjet printers that many of our Customers uses for their DIY greetings cards are:

Canon Pixma iX6850

For under £200 the Canon Pixma iX6820 is an great little affordable wireless printer that can handle up to A3+ and up to 300g/m. See more about the Canon Pixma here.

Canon Pro-200

If you want to go next level the Canon Pro-200 is apx £400. With a manual rear feed it can accommodate a variety of paper with weights up to apx 380 g/m. It is the only home printer, that we know of, that can accommodate up to this weight. See more about the Canon Pro-200 here.

Learn more about Canon's printers and the specifications on Canon's website.

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